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Oct 29, 2020

Drew Manning did before, now he’s doing it again—pursuing a calling to eat junk and stop exercising. Yep, you read that right. You might already know of his original Fit2Fat2Fit journey in 2011 from countless media sources, as well as The Spaniard’s podcast episode #118 in September of 2017. Back then, Drew purposely gained and then lost 75 pounds in extreme devotion to increasing empathy for his clients as a fitness and nutrition trainer. Now he’s in the middle of gaining at least 60 pounds by his 40th birthday at the end of 2020 to (wait for it) expand his empathy for those passing that metabolic milestone. This time he's calling it Fit2Fat2Forty, and social media is letting real-time followers gain critical insights into how supposedly ”healthy” foods (some vegan, Paleo, and other offerings) can be misused. Belly up to the transformation!



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