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Oct 10, 2019

Two conversations this time! At West Point's Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Conference, The Spaniard got to know two graduates who made history as cadets and proceeded to admirable careers of service. Each was the first African-American to hold his prestigious cadet position. General Vincent Brooks (U.S. Army, Ret.) became Cadet First Captain (joining the likes of Robert E. Lee and Douglas MacArthur) on his way to earning four stars and spending time in 80 different countries over a 38-year military career, with his final command United States Forces Korea. The Honorable Adrian Perkins (Captain, U.S. Army, Ret.) became class president as a cadet, received a Bronze Star while serving in the middle east, graduated Harvard Law and ran for his current position as mayor of his hometown, Shreveport, Louisiana. Both men emphasize the power of embracing differences to help reach big group goals. General Brooks comes first. Mayor Perkins begins at 33:10.


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